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Shipping company Hidropark in Kiev


Shipowner Our office is located directly on the quay. You can immediately inspect our boats.






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катер ОЛЕСТА катер ЭЛЬБРУС катер КАРПАТЫ катер MISSISIPI катер КАШТАН-2 катер КАШТАН-5 Яхта катер Памир Аренда катекра в киеве

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    Phone: (044) 222-555-9; Моб: 063-222-555-9, 097-222-555-9, 066-222-555-9;

    Motor ship "Elbrus"

    rent ship Elbrus - Kiev

    Rent the ship - 3000-3500 UAH / hour

    Banquet on the boat - up to 100 people

    Furshet on the ship - up to 150 people

    Motor ship "Kashtan-2"

    rent ship Kashtan-2

    Rent the ship - 3000-3500 UAH / hour

    Banquet on the boat - up to 85 people

    Furshet on the ship - up to 150 people

    Motor ship "Kashtan-5"

    rent ship Kashtan-5 Kiev

    Rent the ship - 3000-3500 UAH / hour

    Banquet on the boat - up to 97 people

    Furshet on the ship - up to 150 people

    Motor ship "Olesta"

    ship Olesta

    Rent the ship - 1800-2000 UAH / hour

    Banquet on the boat - up to 25 people

    Furshet on the ship - up to 30 people

    Motor ship "Missisipi"

    ship of Mississippi

    Rent the ship - 1400-1500 UAH / hour

    Banquet on the boat - up to 30 people

    Furshet on the ship - up to 60 people

    Rent a yacht "Regal Commodore"

    Rent a yacht Regal commodore (rental boats)

    Rent a yacht - 2800 UAH / hour

    1800 UAN (30 min)

    Number of Passengers - 5 people

    Yachting, rest on the Dnieper

    Motor ship "Pamir"

    rent ship

    Rent the ship - 4000-4500 UAH / hour

    Banquet on the boat - up to 120 people

    Furshet on the ship - up to 150 people

    Motor ship "Karpaty"

    rent ship

    Rent the ship - 3000-3500 UAH / hour

    Banquet on the boat - up to 60 people

    Furshet on the ship - up to 100 people


    Restaurant and banquet hall Green

    Banquet (summer deck) - up to 250 people

    Banquet on the main deck - up to 180 people


    Wedding in the hall and on ships

    The wedding, a banquet hall for weddings

    Rent a banquet hall in Kiev

    Wedding on the boat

    Corporate, a hall for corporate parties in Kiev


    2021 - Welcome to Kyiv (Kiev) UKRAINE.


    As in Kiev to make a holiday memorable?
    Enough of a single call to the shipping company Hidropark

    and your holiday spirit.


     Offer to lease or rent a boat from us. We have years of experience and the best ships in Kiev. Boat-for a walk along the Dnieper, weddings, corporate parties and other celebrations, plus organizing and conducting these activities on the ship - the main specialization of the shipping company water park.


    We recommend at least renting ships from us, since in addition to long experience in Kiev, our company's inherent respect for clients, individual approach when carrying out each activity and the development of each program rest on the boat.


    Rental ship in Kiev differs from the standard holiday at the restaurant so that the boat festival will be the original, more bright, cozy, romantic.


    Kiev, wedding, boat - it is so romantic. Wedding on the boat in Kiev is very popular and available to many, in fact hire the ship for a wedding is not as expensive as it seems. To create a bright and unusual holidays offer the best boats in the arena with beautiful interior and specially prepared for the wedding decks. Experienced professionals can help develop a scenario of the wedding, to help order and organize the wedding ceremony exit, will be offered at the wedding banquet menu (we have a good catering or another - mobile restaurant services), help you choose the tamada or leading to the wedding, the show program. Order exclusive performances of musicians and performers - decoration and highlight your wedding on the boat. Rent the ship for the wedding - and your wedding will be unforgettable.

    Corporate Boat (corporate holiday, vacation, professional day on the boat) - is an unforgettable atmosphere of unity and cohesion of any corporate team. Rental ship in Kiev for corporate or leisure - and all things, work, urban bustle, care will remain behind and in front of waiting dock, boat, river, vacation fun on the deck and inside the ship, buffet or a banquet, entertainment and contests on the island or the bank of the Dnieper, the ear on the fire, bathing, fresh air. Nothing unites the corporate team, as an event on the boat, swimming, traveling. Boat-in Kiev for corporate, collective leisure on the boat and walk on the boat on the Dnieper River are popular.


    Kiev, the last bell at school or college, school prom or graduation of high school, meet the dawn on the banks of the Dnieper - rent a banquet hall or a ship in the shipping company GREEN water park will make your holiday a great life coming into the bright and romantic. Each year, the company ships a day last school bell has successfully and safely organize cruises on the Dnieper River in Kiev for school leavers. Rental ship in Kiev for the celebration of the last call and the boat trip along the Dnieper to the more popular every year. We recommend you order a ship and a banquet hall for the prom or the last call. Green Banquet Hall is perfect for prom and the dawn of the meeting in Kiev.


    Rent the ship is suitable not only a holiday but also to non-standard to any other event or business event. Rent in Kiev ship relevant to the seminar, conferences, presentations, business meetings, meeting classmates, alumni, institutions and other universities (classmates), co-workers, for recreation, tours, cruises and walks along the Dnieper and Desna. Rent banquet and recreational ships and boats - it is an opportunity to surprise your business partners, employees, relatives, friends, or friends and make it a pleasant surprise. Rent the ship will turn ordinary dinner into a fascinating journey. You can choose the itinerary itself. New concepts (ship, boat, yacht, ship, glider, Kiev) instead of the standard (car, restaurant) - and an extraordinary event. Rent in Kiev ship ceased to be an exotic service, because the cost (price) rent the ship (boat) is readily available to people with average incomes.


    Boat-in Kyiv - an opportunity for a fresh look at the capital of Ukraine. Excursion by boat along the Dnieper River in Kiev to open a familiar city from a new angle. Kiev with the ship is beautiful, especially in the evening and night. Rent the ship for corporate events will make this event a real holiday, you will enjoy a night Kiev, we will organize a buffet table. You can order on the boat show, or invite the bandura virtuoso, playing a modern club music, and corporate governance on the boat will be a fairy tale.


    The shipping company "Rentflot" and other intermediary agencies also offer rental of our ships for a wedding, corporate, tours, walks along the Dnieper, and the buffet dinner on board.


    Rent or hire ships during the winter months is impossible, but we work all year round. After all, we have a fine dining restaurant and banquet hall on a winter paddle steamer Greene permanently moored to the shore in a cozy place Hydropark overlooking the Gulf of Venice of the Dnieper. - We are not only renting ships in Kiev. The restaurant and banquet hall GREEN, even in winter is ready to hold banquets, corporate events, seminar, conference, presentation, wedding, business meeting, birthday, New Year, Christmas, meet classmates, alumni, and other celebrations. Available all offered on our site extras (except for the summer and water activities and attractions). To create a feast enough for your call to our company.

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